February 29th, 2012


WTB/ wanted !

hi I'm looking for some mangas 4 a while now , I hope to finde some of them at least, here .
if you have any of the titles listed below and want to sell it plz let me know I'm willing to buy !


BASARA by yumi tamura vol. 6,7,18,19,20,21,22,26

7 seeds vol.1 to 21 ( in japanese or chinese )

red river vol.1 to 10 ,13 to 15 ,21 to 28

one thousen and one nights (manhwa) vol.5,7,8,11

cipher vol.9,10,11

alice in the country of heaarts vol.4,6

queens night vol.9,10,11,12

the tarote cafe vol. 7

silver daimond vol.9

model. vol.4,5,7

earthian complete set 1-4

the one by nick lee ( li chong ping ) vol. 1 to 12  it's in chinese .

onley the ring finger's know ( novel ) vol.4 and 5

*payment must be through paypal

thank you .