July 4th, 2012

K Project

Auction: CLAP Anthology Circle: 7 Men Zippo Paring: Hibari x Tsuna 1827

Auction Ends:

Tuesday 07/10/2012 (Midnight 12:00 AM PST)


Tittle: CLAP (Shiny Cover)
Author: Kamishima Akira
Circle: 7Men Zippo
Pages: Approx: 256 (Very Thick)
Rated: 18+ Explicit Content

Stories Included: Seaside, Pure, Nurses Office, White Day (& More)

Condition: Brand New (Pictures were taken very carefully and pages were not scanned in order to keep the book away from any damage)

Auction Rules:

1. Bids start at $1.00 Dollar, Also This is a Members Only Auction. (Must Join To See This Auction) 
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1. Will only accept payment via PayPal for this auction.
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